Jacksonville Market Report

Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States based on the landmass. It’s ripe with opportunities since it’s also ranked as the third-most affordable city in the entire country.

Filled with museums, beaches, and great shopping, Jacksonville offers an excellent place to call home. It’s close to the Atlantic Ocean and provides a vibrant cultural and arts scene. Jacksonville also offers a few wildlife sanctuaries, many excellent golf courses, and plenty of beach access throughout.

The city is known for incredible shopping with plenty of popular stores and brands found throughout the area. Jacksonville is also home to an NFL team, hosts a top PGA tournament every year, and offers many other amazing events for residents to enjoy.

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Rental Potential in Jacksonville

Offering an impressive growth potential, Jacksonville is expected to see future job growth of more than 44% over the next 10 years. The population is growing, as well. Forbes has ranked the city as one of the top cities for future job growth and as one of the best big cities based on the economy.

Jacksonville has seen faster growth in jobs than most other cities across the country. This trend is expected to continue.

Combined with the affordable real estate market, Jacksonville’s growth makes it a prime location for investors. It’s an excellent option for buying and holding properties for a high return on investment.

Build-to-Rent Projects in Jacksonville

At Southern Impression Homes, we simplify the investment process with build-to-rent projects in Jacksonville. Our projects make it easier for you to find a quality investment. We have also partnered with SunCoast Property Management to ensure you have a professional staff ready to manage your properties.

When you choose build-to-rent, you gain access to many benefits compared to turnkey homes. We use highly popular finishes, such as stainless-steel appliances and vinyl plank flooring to attract only the best tenants. As an investor, you gain the benefit of lower tenant turnover, higher rental growth, and fewer maintenance expenses each year. If you’re looking for a better property investment, build-to-rent is the right choice for you. Contact us today for more information.

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