Inverness Market Report

A popular up-and-coming area found in North Central Florida; Inverness offers a variety of industries. It’s known for recreation and tourism, but also offers plenty of health care and service-based employers throughout. The strong economy ensures the growth of Inverness will continue for many years to come.

Located just 40 miles from Ocala, Inverness offers many natural attractions throughout. It’s known for the 710-acre park called Fort Cooper State Park. This State Park offers many activities including fishing, swimming, canoeing, and hiking. 

Inverness is also known for its incredible Golf and Country Clubs and full-service resorts. The World Equestrian Center is located near Inverness and offers one of the largest centers of this type in the entire world. With so many popular attractions, great shopping options, and incredible natural attractions, Inverness offers a great place for those seeking a new home in Florida.

Inverness market report

Rental Potential in Inverness


The high rental potential in Inverness makes it very attractive for investors. More than one-fourth of the residents are renters and the real estate market leans towards affordability. 


Inverness is set up for growth with an increasing job market expected to grow by nearly 30% over the next decade. The affordability of investment properties and the growing job market make Inverness a great choice for buying and holding rental properties.

Build-to-Rent Projects in Inverness

At Southern Impression Homes, we provide build-to-rent projects in Inverness perfect for investors. Our high-quality investment opportunities offer many benefits including higher rent growth and lower vacancy rates compared to turnkey homes. Since we create properties tenants love, investors deal with a lower maintenance expense and lower turnover expense each year. 


Our partnership with SunCoast Property Management takes your build-to-rent investment to the next level. You gain access to quality investment opportunities, along with a team ready to manage your properties.

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