Charlotte County

About Charlotte County

A beautiful county found in southwest Florida, Charlotte County is home to about 188K residents. It’s known as the home to Punta Gorda, which is the largest city in the county. Charlotte County is also home to Port Charlotte, Charlotte Harbor, Englewood, and several other communities.

Punta Gorda is home to the Harborwalk, Laishley Park Municipal Marina, and Linear Park. All three are very popular attractions found within Charlotte County. Harborwalk is a 2.4-mile trail in Punta Gorda that runs along the Charlotte Harbor.

Many historical sites are also found throughout Charlotte County. Several are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, such as the H.W. Smith Building, Old First National Bank of Punta Gorda, Villa Bianca, and the Old Charlotte County Courthouse.

If you’re planning to move to the Charlotte County area, many top employers offer jobs throughout the region. Publix Super Markets and Wal-Mart Stores are two top employers, along with St. Joseph Preferred Healthcare and Millennium Physicians Group.

The county is also found close to many other counties with large employers. Fort Myers and Sarasota are both close enough for residents to commute for work from Charlotte County.

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2158 Villa Punta Gorda

2158 Square Ft | 2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

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