Citrus Springs Market Report

Known as Mother Nature’s Theme Park, Citrus County is home to Citrus Springs. It’s found to the west of Marion County and offers more than 150K acres of protected and public land. 

This vibrant community provides plenty of recreation and tourism with a strong economy and plenty of growth potential. The location makes it an ideal place to call home for those seeking to enjoy the best Florida has to offer.

Citrus Springs is situated close enough to enjoy a day at the beach on either coast. It’s also close enough to Orlando to enjoy the many attractions throughout Central Florida, including the many theme parks. While Citrus Springs offers numerous natural attractions, it’s also found close to many other attractions for residents to enjoy.

citrus springs market report

Rental Potential in Citrus Springs

With a high growth potential over the next five years and plenty of future job growth over the next decade, Citrus Springs is ripe for investors. Some of the top schools in the state are found in Citrus Springs and the large landmass makes it a great area for expansion.

Citrus Springs offers a high percentage of residents that rent and the real estate market offer affordable investment properties. Investing in rental properties in Citrus Springs with a buy and hold strategy offers the opportunity for a high return on investment.

Build-to-Rent Projects in Citrus Springs

Our build-to-rent projects in Citrus Springs provide an excellent choice for your rental investment. Southern Impression Homes and SunCoast Property Management work together to make it easier to find quality investments and gain a dedicated staff to manage those investments.

Our build-to-rent properties attract quality tenants with standard finishes, such as stainless-steel appliances, quartz countertops, and vinyl plant flooring. WE make sure every rental property offers an attractive exterior with the right landscaping, too.

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