3 Top Design Trends in New Home Builds

Home design experts report that new homeowners are using design to express themselves creatively through home decorating. They choose bold colors and patterns while welcoming nature into their spaces. Curves and arches offer a welcome change from the boxy forms found in many homes, adding

Home Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is an integral component of owning property, helping prevent costly damage that would cost more to repair later. However, many homeowners overlook this task. There are various reasons for keeping up with home maintenance tasks. Let’s look at some of the main reasons

Woman with house in hand

Build-to-rent vs Turnkey: A Guide

When you want to invest in rental properties, you can choose between build-to-rent and turnkey options. Both offer benefits you can enjoy as a landlord. However, these types of rental properties are very different. Let’s look at the two options a little closer before you

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