Tips to Improve Curb Appeal to Your Rent-to-Build Home

Curb appeal is still rather important with a rent-to-build home. Even with a rental, you’re trying to convince someone it’s the right place to call home. While you might not be trying to get someone to buy your home, curb appeal can still help you

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How to get your rent-to-build home ready for renters

When you’re ready to prepare your rent-to-build home for new tenants, you should know what’s most important. There are plenty of things you want to do to make the property rent-ready. It can even be helpful to have a checklist. Whether you’re preparing the property

Choosing the right market for your Rent-to-build project

For many years, rent-to-build projects have been a very hot topic for real estate investors. Many new options have come about and they have continued to grow as a hot topic. While you might want to get in on the rent-to-build investment craze, you’ll need

Tips for becoming a landlord for beginners

When you’re ready to step into the real estate world, you might become a landlord. Owning a home that you rent out can be stressful. However, with the right tips, you can enjoy becoming a landlord for the first time. Before you start on your

What Palm Coast, FL has to offer families

Palm Coast, Florida has plenty to offer for families and anybody considering moving to this area. It’s known as a great place to raise a family and offers plenty of communities to choose from. Whether you want to live on the beach, in a historic

What it’s like to live in Ocala, FL?

Are you considering moving to Ocala, Florida? Maybe you want to invest in rental properties in the area. Either way, understanding what it’s like to live in Ocala is important. Let’s look at some of the key aspects of this area of Florida. The Horse

What does a builder’s warranty typically cover?

When you’re looking to build a home, as a rental or to live in, you will get a builder’s warranty. This warranty gives you some protection against specific issues. It’s important to understand your warranty when you build a home. You might not think anything

Build-to-rent vs Turnkey: A Guide

When you want to invest in rental properties, you can choose between build-to-rent and turnkey options. Both offer benefits you can enjoy as a landlord. However, these types of rental properties are very different. Let’s look at the two options a little closer before you

What Makes Palm Coast Attractive to Family Renters

Located on the Atlantic side of Florida between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, Palm Coast is a beautiful gem that attracts families that want to call this place home. You’ll find Palm Coast along the A1A River which offers everything from beautiful nature preserves to

5 Benefits of a Build to Rent Project

When you’re ready to get into investing in real estate you might come across build to rent projects. These projects offer many benefits for investors and provide plenty of options, even for new investors. Before you choose to invest in any type of real estate

3 Main Benefits of a Build to Rent Project

Many new build to rent projects are popping up. This type of project is becoming more and more popular, especially in urban areas. There are several reasons why build to rent projects are becoming more popular. Property ownership typically comes at a high price. Build

Why Georgia’s Fulton County is Attractive for Renters

As an investor, you want to buy properties in areas where renters want to live. While the cost of the real estate and the price you can charge obviously matter, you still need tenants to fill your properties. Finding the right locations to make investments