Build-to-rent continues its momentum. While some investors may dismiss it as a passing fad, its success can be measured using concrete math and is set up to exploit several factors.

Tenants will benefit from having the security of tenure and an enhanced community experience, plus hotel-like amenities and annual rental increases can often be locked in.

1. You Get More Amenities

Building to rent is an opportunity to provide amenities tenants love, such as gyms, private cinemas, swimming pools, and community spaces. Furthermore, these communities tend to be professionally managed so if something goes wrong quickly it will be handled efficiently.

These amenities make these communities attractive to millennials who aren’t ready for or able to afford homeownership; with rising home prices and mortgage rates pricing them out of homeownership markets altogether, millennials have increasingly turned to rentals instead.

Build-to-rent is an attractive trend for real estate investors looking to diversify their portfolio and increase income streams, offering the chance to develop and lease luxury single-family homes with built-in amenities at lower construction costs than multifamily projects. 

You may see similar returns without as much risk; build-to-rent can provide investors with an affordable way to diversify and increase returns without taking on traditional rental risk. This type of investment provides smart strategies for those wanting to diversify portfolios or expand income streams.

2. You Get Faster Absorption Rates

Build-to-rent communities offer investors and renters alike an expedient solution, as they can be constructed and sold more quickly than single-family homes. Due to higher absorption rates than new construction projects, build-to-rent communities are quickly filled up by tenants – making them a highly attractive option.

Build-to-rent communities also offer more flexible tenancy agreements than traditional rental properties, making them more appealing for millennials looking for close proximity to work without taking on homeownership responsibilities. Furthermore, companies increasingly employ work-from-home policies, creating the need for additional single-family rentals.

Build-to-rent communities are often constructed with more standardized appliances and materials, which helps save costs over time. This also reduces maintenance and replacement expenses frequently required, which makes these communities an appealing option for investors seeking maximum return on investment while simultaneously mitigating market volatility risks and high operating expenses.

3. You Get Good Renters

As a landlord, finding reliable tenants for your investment properties is of the utmost importance. Your tenants are your source of revenue – paying rent every month while covering costs. They’ll help recoup initial investments and turn a profit.

As housing prices increase, interest rates rise, and mortgage qualification becomes harder, more people opt for renting over owning. This has driven demand for single-family homes designed exclusively for renting purposes.

These new homes are often built by property developers and investors specializing in rental communities, who take advantage of bulk discounts not available to individual property owners.

These companies can build communities with amenities and features tailored to specific demographics, like pet-friendly parks or bike trails that attract tenants of interest – helping you obtain higher returns from your rental properties, as a result of which build-to-rent projects often have higher occupancy rates than traditional rentals.

4. You Get More Cash Flow

Build-to-rent communities tend to appeal more to tenants looking for long-term residence than apartments do, which helps reduce turnover rates and generates greater cash flow for investors.

Build-to-rent homes typically require less maintenance, which translates into higher profits for investors compared to older properties that need renovation or have higher utility bills.

With today’s current housing market and the rising population of millennials, build-to-rent communities are increasingly popular investments that provide great returns. Build-to-rent companies offer invaluable guidance that can help investors enter the rental market with a diversified portfolio. 

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