Citrus Springs

North Central Florida

About Citrus Springs

Citrus Springs, situated in Florida’s picturesque Nature Coast, represents an ideal blend of tranquility and accessibility, making it a compelling choice for build-to-rent property investments. Located in Citrus County, this serene community is renowned for its lush landscapes and proximity to Rainbow Springs State Park, offering residents a variety of outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking.

The charm of Citrus Springs lies in its small-town atmosphere coupled with necessary modern conveniences, appealing to those desiring a nature-focused yet comfortable lifestyle. The community is thoughtfully designed, emphasizing spaciousness and a close connection to the natural environment, which is particularly attractive to families and individuals seeking a peaceful retreat.

Economically, Citrus Springs is on a growth trajectory, with a focus on sustainable community development. Its location near larger cities such as Ocala, Orlando and Tampa offers the advantage of easy access to urban amenities while maintaining its quiet, suburban character. The affordability of the real estate market here further enhances its appeal, drawing a diverse population ranging from young professionals to retirees. This balance of affordability, natural beauty, and strategic location makes Citrus Springs a promising area for investors in build-to-rent properties.

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