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We Manage, You Prosper.

We do everything from land acquisition and construction to property management, we take care of all the intricacies, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of passive income and equity growth effortlessly.

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Institutional Solutions

Institutional Solutions

We have redefined the meaning of turnkey

Sit back, relax, and watch your investments grow!

From land acquisition to construction to property management – we handle it all for you. Say goodbye to the hassles and hello to passive income and equity growth.

We are a step above the old turnkey models; we focus solely on new construction. No more headaches, just exceptional results and continuous growth.

And guess what? We’re also one of the few companies offering in-house financing, ongoing property management, and unwavering client support. It’s time to upgrade your investment game.

Where Buying a House is a Piece of Cake!

Gone are the days of searching for rundown houses and dealing with endless repairs. We’ve said, “Nah, enough of that!” At Southern Impression Homes, we exclusively focus on new construction – the hassle-free way to homeownership. And that’s just the beginning of why we’re the game-changers in the real estate industry.

“Only when these 5 key drivers work in our favor, do we invest in new construction projects”

– Jim Sheils, Partner, Southern Impression Homes

Economic Growth

Economic Growth

We are only active in markets that can demonstrate solid long-term growth, driven by sound, pro-business legislation that fosters overall economic expansion. Florida and Texas are prime examples of great markets for real estate developers.

Demographic Growth

Population Growth

Economic growth usually causes an influx of new qualified workers into a state or region that outpaces the availability of homes to either buy or rent. When more people are coming than leaving, that’s an essential box that has been checked!



Value for money will always be a winner. When the price for a mid- to high-end house is the same as a low-end product in a big city, but the rental income is higher in our market, then we know that we have a great offer for our investors.



Lifestyle and aspirational considerations play a key role in a buyer’s decision to acquire a property. That is why we go the extra mile to choose attractive neighborhoods and build our houses to high construction and furnishing standards, making our homes very desirable.



In a nutshell, when the population growth outpaces the foreseeable availability of new homes on the market, we know we have a winner. Construction cycles are long and what we view as a favorable supply/demand cycle is for a minimum of ten years and beyond.

We have made the home acquisition process simple

and are with you every step of the way.
Step #1
Step #1

Get Started

Get prequalified with our in-house lending program

Have your discovery call and investment plan with our sales agent

Select your first property

Step #2
Step #2

Go under contract

Notify your sales agent of your property selection

Review sales contracts with your sales agent

Execute your sales contract

Send your reservation deposit

Step #3
Step #3

Construction updates

Start receiving regular email updates from the New Construction team within approximately two weeks of your executed contract

Access your owner portal to check progress of your property at any time

Step #4
Step #4

Final Steps

Review the “Getting ready to close” email with instructions from the New Construction team

Ask your sales agent to schedule your independent inspection, if interested

If you have a lender, they will schedule your appraisal

Once the Certificate of Occupancy is issues, your closing date will be scheduled

Sign all of your final documents from the title team

Step #5
Step #5

Property Management

Meet the property management team and complete your onboarding

The property management team will market your property through our 37 channels and our leasing process

Tenant screened and approve

Receive your rental proceeds monthly along with your statement

Enjoy the cash flow and ongoing growth

Once your property is occupied, your dedicated Property Manager will be in touch with you.

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