There are many obvious reasons why Florida is attractive to renters. Of course, the climate is one of the main reasons why anybody moves to Florida. Those looking to relocate to a sunny place where they can enjoy more time outside will love the state.

While the climate draws many people to the state, it’s not the only reason why people move to Florida. Let’s look at three of the main reasons renters love Florida so much.

Top 3 Reasons Renters Move to Florida

1. The Economy

Even in recent years, Florida has managed to keep the economy humming along quite well compared to other areas of the country. With a very strong tourism center, the state tends to have one of the highest GDPs in the country. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that some of the economy in Florida is based around outdoor activities, theme parks, and other fun attractions.

2. Employment

Florida is also attractive for renters due to the many jobs available and the strong job market in the state. While there might be many tourism jobs in Florida, there are other industries that are rather strong here, too. The commercial and residential real estate industries are rather strong and there are many other types of jobs found throughout the state, too.

3. No Income Tax

While the fact that Florida has no income tax doesn’t just appeal to renters, it’s certainly a reason why people choose to move here. Along with no income taxes, the state also charges a very low property tax rate compared to other states. For renters that want to eventually buy a home, this is a plus. It can also help landlords keep rental rates down since they won’t have such a high tax burden on their properties.

While these three reasons might top the list of why renters love Florida, there are many other things people consider before moving to the sunshine state including:

  • The Sunshine – Those that love to be out in the sun all year long, love living in Florida.
  • The Activities – If you love to be out and about and always doing something, you will love the many things to do throughout Florida.
  • The Nature – While nature can be found throughout the country, Florida offers some unique options with amazing beaches, incredible wildlife, and so much more.
  • The Theme Parks – Of course, many renters move to the Tampa and Orlando area for the theme parks, both as a place to work and a place to play.
  • The Golf – Another big reason renters move to Florida is to work and play within the golf industry.

There are many great reasons why renters are attracted to Florida. During the past few years, Florida has seen quite a bit of growth with many people moving to the state from other areas of the country. Whether they are moving for more financial freedom, for jobs, for sunshine, or for any other reason, there is no doubt, Florida is an attractive state for renters.

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