Sellers and real estate agents appreciate the peace of mind provided by a home warranty from 2-10 home warranty. This type of warranty helps to prevent unexpected snags during the sales process and provides an incentive for prospective buyers who might otherwise remain on the fence to complete their purchases.

When an eligible system or appliance breaks down, a homeowner files a service request with 2-10 HBW who assigns an approved Service Contractor who assesses and repairs or replaces as necessary. Let’s look a bit closer at five of the benefits you gain from a 2-10 Home Warranty.

1. Peace of Mind

2-10 Home Warranty is a respected name in the home warranty industry, providing easy-to-use plans that can be purchased by builders, sellers, or buyers alike. Their coverage offers are comprehensive yet transparent – not to mention special promotions to keep homeowners smiling!

2-10’s service agreements differ from many others because they include caps for repair costs that vary by system and appliance, making budgeting simpler for the homeowner. 2-10 also prioritizes emergency services with the goal (though not guarantee) of dispatching an engineer within 24 hours if further damage may occur or life or health is at risk; plus the company offers a workmanship guarantee which refunds service fees paid on non-covered items.

2. No Surprises

Home systems and appliances break down, making a home warranty an invaluable service to offer your clients to reduce repair costs. By including this in their closing package, you could become their hero, alleviating some of their worries over unexpected expenses and providing peace of mind for them in an unpredictable market.

Home buyers have their pick of three plans, each tailored to meet specific appliance and system options as well as payment schedules and discounts. There’s even the option of purchasing service fee reduction at purchase time!

3. Value for Your Clients

Home buying and selling processes are both exciting and daunting. As a real estate agent, your goal should be to provide your clients with an experience they enjoy over one they fear – providing them with peace of mind by adding value through adding a 2-10 home warranty can do exactly that!

Pricing for a 2-10 warranty starts as little as $17 a month and includes both service fee and an extended protection plan (Pinnacle Home plan adds Supreme for maximum coverage on kitchen appliances, washer/dryer pairs, heating/cooling/plumbing systems/electrical systems (options vary by plan/zip code).

2-10 also provides discounts of up to 65% on Whirlpool/GE brand appliances through an Appliance Discount Program as well as the Appliance Replacement Offer that reimburses them $100 when an appliance fails/breaks down.

4. Timely Repairs

Seven out of ten homes experience system and appliance breakdowns. Home warranty plans from 2-10 HBW can help clients avoid unexpected repairs and replacement costs by protecting against unexpected system or appliance breakdowns.

2-10 Home Buyer Warranty provides home protection plans to both new and pre-owned homeowners as well as structural warranties on new homes. Their customer service representatives are available 24/7 and their network of contractors provides timely repairs.

5. Reliability

2-10 Home Warranty offers reliable plans to safeguard systems and appliances. Their service guarantee promises refunding fees should issues remain unresolved (excluding those caused by misuse, abuse, or lack of maintenance).

Buyers face numerous hurdles before closing a home purchase: down payments, mortgages, and moving trucks are just some of their responsibilities. Offering a comprehensive system and appliance home warranty from 2-10 HBW can be just the incentive they need to seal the deal on more difficult deals.

Sellers and builders can benefit from home warranties as well, minimizing the risk associated with unexpected and sale-stopping breakdowns that can slow the transaction down significantly. It is wise to include 2-10 HBW home warranties on listing agreements to help make transactions smoother for all involved.

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