Home design experts report that new homeowners are using design to express themselves creatively through home decorating. They choose bold colors and patterns while welcoming nature into their spaces.

Curves and arches offer a welcome change from the boxy forms found in many homes, adding comfort and style. Today’s designers are increasingly including these unique elements in new home builds.

1. Curves and Arches

Recent design trends have seen crisp moldings and squared edges take the forefront, but now organic shapes like those found in nature are making a comeback as an antidote to modern design, adding softness to any room they inhabit. Curves and arches offer a welcome respite from this starkness while providing softening effects to modern spaces.

Home builders are taking note of this trend by including curved doors, staircases, and wall recesses in both exterior and interior architecture. One stunning reading nook features a round corner which is framed by an arched doorway; decorative accents like benches seats and shelves further highlight its beauty while giving the room a softer vibe.

2. Eco-Friendly Materials

An increasing trend in new homes is the trend towards eco-friendly materials and energy-saving features, particularly among younger demographics who strive to build eco-friendly houses that reduce carbon emissions. Many opt for solar panels, tankless water heaters, and insulation made in more eco-friendly ways as part of this movement.

With many younger home-buyer seeking to help the environment, using eco-friendly materials has been a popular trend with home building recently. From furnishings to flooring to insulation, buyers are choosing to build homes that take less from the environment and even have features that will save on energy bills.

3. Bold Color

New homebuyers typically enjoy more color choices than resale buyers, though resale homes might still feature colors the previous owner enjoyed. When purchasing a newly constructed house, however, buyers typically can select their own paint, countertops, cabinet finishes, and flooring stains without incurring an extra premium from builders for certain colors or shades.

Bold color accents are high on homeowners’ wish lists. From wall materials and statement features to statement features and vibrant backsplashes, bold hues are used extensively throughout homes. Paint is most frequently used by builders as a means of incorporating bold hues, but there are other methods as well.

Colors derived from natural pigments are becoming more and more fashionable for 2023, such as browns and rust hues. Mineral tones of green and blue also stand out. Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene states that such hues add an earthiness and serenity to rooms.

Red remains a striking hue with vintage and timeless vibes, particularly eye-catching on furniture pieces. If embracing all its shades feels too loud for you, designers recommend adding pops of red on an accent wall or door that highlights unique architectural details.

Whether it’s a single-family home being built for a new homeowner or a build-to-rent project, these design trends are popping up everywhere.

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