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What We Do

We’re not just building houses—we’re crafting the future of living with our exquisite collection of residential homes.

Perfect for families and individual home buyers seeking more than just a place to live, but a place to thrive!

Sourher Impression Homes

We focus on areas with population growth, economic growth, good affordability and desirability, drawing people to the area where there is the need for more housing.

How We Choose Our Markets

and why our portfolios generate great returns for investors
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Carter & Chris Funk
“We didn’t know it then, but 2008 is the best thing that ever happened to us.”

We grew Southern Impression Homes organically from the ground up, during the worst economic downturn in living history. This allowed us to focus on what works and yield results.

Today, our portfolios are designed to perform even in difficult markets.

Jim & Jamie Sheils
“Passive income gave us more time with our family. We help others do the same.”
We have 18 summers with our children. We wanted the free time to enjoy as much time as possible with them. Built-To-Rent passive income has allowed us to create a legendary family life.

What drives us is empowering other families to create an exceptional quality of life for their family too.

Discover Our Inventory

and our 2023-2026 Project Pipeline
SI Homes - Inventory

We always have a supply of homes being built in dozens of desirable markets across Florida – often with renters already lined up. 

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