As an investor, you want to buy properties in areas where renters want to live. While the cost of the real estate and the price you can charge obviously matter, you still need tenants to fill your properties.

Finding the right locations to make investments in real estate will make a difference. Fulton County in Georgia is a very attractive option for renters, making it a great option for investors. Let’s look at some of the reasons renters love this area.


Of course, the main attraction in Fulton County is the city of Atlanta. This city is growing and has been for many years. It’s a very popular city and offers plenty of unique neighborhoods, attractions, restaurants, shopping options, and so much more.

People move to Atlanta for the new jobs that are popping up all over the city. They also move here because of the walkable neighborhoods, historical charm, and sunny weather. It’s a popular sport for business owners of all types, professionals, and many others.

Renters love Atlanta because it has plenty to do throughout. There are many sought-after neighborhoods and plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the year.

Affordable Rent Prices

Of course, renters will only live where they can afford to live. Some larger cities cost well over $2,500 per month to rent even a small apartment. Fulton County has a more affordable rental price. According to Norada Real Estate Investments, the average monthly rent in Fulton County ranges from about $1,650 to $2,350, depending on the size of the home. While this is higher than the state average, it’s still lower than many other larger cities.

Multiple Types of Housing

Fulton County offers many different types of housing, which helps to attract renters. They can choose from single-family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments. This makes it easy to find a home to rent and grow within the same city.

Lots of Job Opportunities

As the economy bounces back, Atlanta has plenty of job opportunities. While the pandemic may have impacted some industries, the Atlanta economy has never gone into a crisis. There are plenty of jobs available with an average salary throughout the city much higher than in other areas. Good-paying jobs have increased quite a bit throughout 2021 within the area.

Very Pro-Business

The pro-business environment of Atlanta has helped to attract renters for many years now. It’s a very popular place for new businesses to start, which helps add to the jobs and diversity. While starting a business is popular in Fulton County, so is relocating a business.

Good Public Transportation

Some renters choose a place to live based on the public transportation. While it can be helpful to own a car in Fulton County, you can still use the MARTA public transportation system. There is also a top airport and plenty of other transportation options to make getting around easier.

If you’re looking for a great location to invest, Fulton County in Georgia offers a top option. It has become a very popular place for renters and offers plenty for those moving to the area.

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