What major factors do you take into consideration when looking to make a major purchase? Cost effectiveness? Customer service? Reputation and reviews?

What about post-sale peace of mind? If there was a way to ensure post-sale peace of mind, would that be something you’d take into consideration when looking to make a major purchase? At Southern Impression Homes and SunCoast Property Management we INCLUDE a 2-10 Warranty on the purchase of your investment property. It’s how we provide our customers with post-sale peace of mind and reliability of our build-to-rent product.

Defining The Warranty-

Our Warranty is the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® which is comprised of three different levels of coverage over the ten year period.

All coverage begins at the day of closing and covers over twenty different elements of your investment in our build-to-rent property. What’s more? It’s included in the purchase price of your home because we don’t think you should have to pay more for peace of mind. Here is what’s included in each level-

Year One: Workmanship Warranty

This warranty begins from the day of closing and provides coverage for twelve major areas that could be affected by workmanship defects. If a defect is identified during the first year of ownership, the warranty covers repair costs to ensure the work meets the construction standards of both materials and workmanship. Specifically, the coverage applies to roof covering, cabinets, countertops, door panels, exterior siding, hardwood floor, ceramic tile, drywall, interior trim, carpet, paint, and fireplaces.

Year Two: Systems Warranty

For the first two years following the date of closing, this coverage provides full repair of any defect identified in the electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems. If the work done on these systems does not meet the clearly defined construction standards of the distribution of these systems, the warranty insurer fixes the defect. This portion of the policy specifically covers supply piping, waste piping, ductwork, and electrical wiring.

Year Ten: Structural Warranty

For ten years from the date of closing, the warranty insurer stands behind the repair of any defect in the structural elements of the property. While we hope our product is sound and this is never needed, the reality is that life and mistakes happen. You should never be left in a position where your home becomes a safety hazard for yourself or your tenant. This warranty is protection for the most fundamental part of our product. Specifically, this coverage applies to load-bearing walls, roof framing, beams, columns, foundation, and floor framing.  

Furthermore, should you decide to sell your home as an investment or retail property within this ten year period, the warranty stays with the home and thus increases the value of your investment. Acquiring an investment property is a major purchase and guaranteeing the longevity and quality of this purchase shouldn’t be an added on cost to our buyers. For that reason, we include this 2-10 Warranty in the purchase of every build-to-rent investment property.

To read case studies, FAQ’s, and review the full definitive terms, click here.

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