Jacksonville, Florida offers one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. It’s known for many things including the great beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, the beautiful landscape throughout, and the excellent entertainment venues.

A city attracting plenty of new residents, Jacksonville is filled with areas rising quickly. Let’s look at three of the fastest-rising areas in Jacksonville.

The Beaches

A very popular area, The Beaches is actually three cities in one. It’s comprised of Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach. This area is known as one of the fastest-rising areas in Jacksonville.

Living in The Beaches provides easy access to the water and plenty of things to do. You can enjoy biking, rollerblading, running, surfing, going to the beach, great restaurants, and so much more.

The Beaches is filled with many different types of people. It’s known as the place for retirees, families, young professionals, and many others. If you want to be close to the Atlantic Ocean, The Beaches is a great choice near Jacksonville to call home.

San Marco

Known as an artsy neighborhood, San Marco is another very popular place in Jacksonville. The area was created to look much like Venice, Italy back in the 1920s. Today, it remains a very historic area with plenty of the original features.

San Marco attracts many single professionals, creative people, and young married couples. It’s known for the trendy shopping, dining, and entertainment options throughout. Those seeking an up-and-coming neighborhood that’s growing fast will enjoy calling San Marco home.


One of the top choices to call home in the Jacksonville area is Avondale. This neighborhood offers plenty of housing options with modern designs found throughout. It’s a historic area with plenty of charm and culture. However, it’s not stuck in the past as many of the buildings don’t look so historic anymore.

Homes include modern designs, waterfront options, upscale apartment buildings, and more. A range of house prices are found here, which helps attract a variety of people to the area. Avondale is known for urban living and offers one of the fastest-growing areas in Jacksonville.

Along with these three areas of Jacksonville, there are many other neighborhoods to choose from that are growing fast. Some of the other top choices include:

  • Springfield – A historic neighborhood offering plenty of options with a vibrant craft brewery scene.
  • Riverside – Close to downtown, Riverside offers a beautiful neighborhood with plenty of opportunities.
  • Murray Hill – An artistic area with lots of community gardens and excellent nightlife.
  • Orange Park – A popular spot with a more rural setting, Orange Park is a bit more removed from the busy city life.
  • Beach Haven – A great choice for those attending the University of North Florida and those looking for plenty of things to do.
  • Bartram Park – One of the fastest-growing areas near Jacksonville, Bartram Park is known as the Southern Gateway to Jacksonville.

With so many fast-growing areas, Jacksonville has seen many new residents move to the city. All of these areas have something unique to offer and they are all growing very fast.

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