Jim & Jamie Sheils

The Family Board Meeting – The Next-Level Income Show 171

By Chris Larsen

In this episode, I sit down with Jim Sheils, a seasoned real estate investor and family relationship advocate. Jim’s real estate journey, from a modest California property to over 2,000 successful rehabs and a focus on the Build-To-Rent niche in Florida through Southern Impression Homes, is inspiring.

Beyond his real estate triumphs, Jim is passionate about strengthening family bonds. He co-founded 18 Summers, a company dedicated to family education for entrepreneurs and professionals, and authored the #1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller, “The Family Board Meeting.”

Jim shares insights on combining business success with family harmony and the transformative power of family board meetings. Tune in to discover how you can achieve a balanced and fulfilling life, both in business and with your loved ones.

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