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By Justin Donald

Build-to-Rent Strategies & Strong Family Bonds with Jim Sheils

Today’s guest, Jim Sheils, is known as the “Crazy Glue” for entrepreneurial families. His celebrated “Family Board Meeting” strategy has empowered thousands of business leaders globally to foster stronger bonds with their families.

But beyond that, Jim is also known for his real estate brilliance. Leveraging the “Build-to-Rent” strategy, he grew his real estate portfolio across 14 markets in Florida to a point where they raked in $185 million in sales in just one year.

In our discussion, Jim shares his approach and insights on nurturing strong family bonds without missing a beat in business and also pulls back the curtain on the mindset that drives his winning real estate strategies.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

✅ Strategies for deepening the bond with your spouse and children.

✅ Tactics to amplify your business productivity, sharpen your focus, and accelerate growth.

✅ The ‘Build-to-Rent’ blueprint that skyrocketed Jim’s real estate portfolio to a staggering $185 million in sales within a single year.

Featured on This Episode: Jim Sheils

What he does: Jim Sheils is known as the “Crazy Glue” for entrepreneur families. His popular “Board Meeting” strategy and other simple frameworks are helping thousands of business leaders worldwide reconnect where it counts the most: at home. He’s the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “The Family Board Meeting,” and the owner/ founder of the family education company 18 Summers. They specialize in retreats, workshops, and private consulting for family-focused companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking to strengthen their family lives while still succeeding in business.

Jim is also a partner at Southern Impression Homes, a company that specializes in building rental portfolios for individual investors and institutional buyers (American Homes for Rent, Haven Realty, Crescent APL, Mynd ) They provide new construction, low-density properties (SFH, duplex and quads) in 14 high growth markets in Florida. Property management in place. Also, private fund offerings for accredited investors based around the highly lucrative Build-to-Rent niche.

💬 Words of wisdom: “You have to have times of complete and total unavailability for the people right in front of you. Because if you don’t – you’re with your beautiful daughter, and you take that text, that phone call, that email, well, you’re not there anymore. Your brain has left the station.” – Jim Sheils

🔎 Where to find Jim Sheils: LinkedIn | Instagram

Key Takeaways with Jim Sheils
  • The legacy of the Family Board Meeting
  • You only have 18 summers
  • Putting work over family always backfires
  • The ultimate investing strategy
  • Embracing rhythms over habits
  • You’ve got to disconnect to reconnect
  • The power of a genuine apology
  • How unplugging can save your relationships
  • Keeping the romance alive
  • Making $185 million of sales in 1 year
  • The “Build-to-Rent” playbook
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