Chris Funk and Jim Sheils

The Build To Rent Experts – The Jake and Gino Podcast

With Jim Sheils and Chris Funk

Welcome to another insightful episode of our real estate series! In this video, we’re joined by Gino Barber, alongside real estate mavens Jim Sheils and Chris Funk. Dive into the fascinating world of Build to Rent (BTR) as they share their journey and expertise.


00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:31 – Jim Sheils and Chris Funk – Early Days
00:03:54 – How A 2006 Meeting Kickstarted a BTR Revolution
00:05:54 – Chris Funk explains the essence of Build to Rent.
00:09:35 – Finance Right – Ideal Investors and Vertical Integration
00:13:19 – Where Can The Listeners Get ahold of Jim and Chris?
00:13:29 – Card – Southern Impression
00:13:36 – Card-
00:13:57 – Chris’s unique approach to acquiring land and developing properties.
00:17:13 – The evolving landscape of the BTR industry.
00:20:44 – How did Jim and Chris pick the secondary and tertiary markets?
00:23:17 – Negatives and drawbacks of Multifamily and BTR
00:28:18 – Scaling property management in the BTR space.
00:32:05 – What Books Have Jim and Chris Been Reading That’s Helped Them Recently?
00:36:01 – Future Visions: Expanding into New Markets and Scaling Operations.
00:42:35 – Card –
00:43:25 – Gino Wraps It Up

Join Gino as he explores the dynamic BTR market, uncovering strategies, stories, and insights from two leading figures. Jim and Chris delve into their experiences, from overcoming challenges in foreclosure investments to leading the charge in the BTR sector. Learn about the nuances of market selection, property management evolution, and the future trajectory of their companies.

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